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Recuva hangs after doing a regular scan 1 of 2


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I have published the information of my computer to this web address: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/L3xiB2KmvgtiW2ERv1RfPxn using SPECCY. I wanted to recover some files and when I would run the program, I noticed that I would start to eat up my memory, up to 6 GB! Then it would lock up. I have the most up to date version. 1.43. Thank you. I have also attached the same information as .xml, and .txt.



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I'm also getting a similar problem.


The dialog box states that it is 100% complete Step 1 of 2 and found 699,347 files


Not doing a deep scan.

When I used the wizard and directed it to scan just the folder I'm interested in it never lists the number of files but hangs at 100% complete.


looking at Task Manager/Resource Monitor has the recuva process using 5.2-5.4 GB of RAM no matter how I run it (Wizard or Advanced)




Computer Details:

Win 2008 R2 6GB RAM

10TB volume I'm trying to scan


Recuva version 1.43.623 (64-bit)


Any thoughts?

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