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Cannont open video


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Recuva has found the the video that I had deleted from a flash drive...It found the video's correct name,date taken,size and avi format...after recovery to a folder on the hard drive I have tried to open it with VLC,FLV,AVS players and keep getting, cannot play,undf file...is there away to open the video?...Thank You...

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Hiquabbinman, and welcome to the forum.


The undf I think simply means it's an undefined file, which the players don't recognize.


It may be corrupted in some way, and being avi, that could be the audio or the video file inside the avi container.There could for example be some corruption to the file header information of either or both files.


Or it could simply be carrying the wrong file extension since recovery.


Make a copy of the file, and then you can mess about with a couple of options. The first one being to make sure it still has the avi (or DivX) file extension if it doesn't already. When you change it, you will get a warning about it possibly being messed up by doing so, but ignore that, and give it a try.


You could try avi, DivX, MP4 for example, but not all at the same time. :)


If that doesn't bear fruit, then you could try repairing the file with some very useful freeware tools.


Have a read here for a list of them ...




You could also try loading the file into "GSpot", and see if it recognizes and displays the content data.




Extract the contents of the zip file into a new folder, and double click the exe to run it.


Other than that, it might just be damaged beyond repair although it appears intact.


Hope that helps.

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