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can canon raw .cr2 files be recovered?

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I have 16 specific folders that contain a mix of .jpg and the original canon raw files with the .cr2 extension - - that somehow got corrupted.


The rest of the disk, a big 1T external drive, is fine.


I did a couple of quickie tests, it seems to recover the .jpgs, but not the .cr2 files.


Since I know I am dealing with 16 specific folders that somehow got corrupted, what is the fastest way to scan JUST these 16 folders, and will the software recover the original RAW files too?


Please speed an answer. These photos are very important to me.





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Hi Pat, and welcome to the forum.


What Recuva can do in way of Cannon Raw files is outlined here ...




Recover Canon RAW (.CRW) format image files.


Whether it will pick up the cr2 file extension or nor, I couldn't say. You would have to give it a shot, and you can target a file type by following the instructions here ...




Maybe also set "tree view" in "Options\General" to enable navigation to the location of the lost files after scanning, and "Restore Folder Structure" in "Options\Actions" to restore files into an identical folder structure to the one they occupied, but on a different disk or partition.


If Recuva fails, then "Photorec" can recover .cr2 files, and if you need any help with it, please don't hesitate to ask.




File Formats Recovered By Photorec:


Good luck.

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