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Recuva not overwriting files

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Recuva deeep scans the appointed drive successfully, pinpointing the locations of image files; however, the programme does not appear to be overwriting files, as directed. For example, when .jpg image files are found, and which are sensitive requiring permanent deletion, the over writing facility, while superficially appearing to work does not in fact delete the image. In my case, two images were found in a location designated E:\?. Additionally, other recovered images normally designated were found. All attempts to overwrite these files fail and they return on subsequent 'deep' scans. Additionally, when in thumbnail viewing mode there is a submenu facility, which allows one to scan again. However, the results are confusing in that although a previous deep scan of a drive has just been conducted, the programme now finds many more images. These appear to be copies of files that have not been deleted, and the list menu indeed describes these files' condition as 'not yet deleted'. This is a very confusing situation.


To summarise:


1. The drive and file designation E:\? is obviously a location within the drive, but the programme does not overwrite the filesas they return on a subsequent scan


2. The programme does not appear to be overwriting recovered files for permanent deletion;


3. The submenu scan facility is confusing: what images are being scanned? Are they deleted images, or are they images normally stored within the drive?

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