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Major Win2K Pro Problem


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Win2KPro, had older version of CC (1.23) on it and downloaded newest (1.26) without uninstalling old version. Clicked on desktop shorcut to run it and nothing happened. The hourglass was running forever. Eventually I used Task Manager to close the program. Then I went to the Control Pannel and I deleted the old CC Program after running the old cleaner one last time. Rebooted and when clicking on virtually any program get this error message:


"Program Failed To Initiate Because Window Station Is Shutting Down"


It does not matter what I click on, PowerDesk, IE, Firefox, the message is the same. The top banner of the message lists the program as a .exe or DLL problem. My thinking is that the registry is cooked somehow - I can't log onto the Internet or bring up another third party program or use RUN off of Windows. Even the Windows Help screen will not load. I can at least shut down but this problem will not go away when I reboot. Any suggestions short of a sledgehammer to my brain or PC are welcome!

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