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Scheduling Defrag


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I just recently found Defraggler and would like it to run on a schedule. I set it in the Defraggler menu but it doesn't ever seem to run when it is supposed to. If I open up Task Scheduler I notice it is in there to run but it always says it is currently running, but nothing is actually happening and it doesn't show up in the task manager. I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Portege laptop.

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Is there some "syntax" example for the Task Scheduler?  i.e. - Some established, bullet-proof resulting setup, that I can work with & modify, knowing I can always fall back to that?  I'm  running v2.22 on W7 Ult x64 & I'm TRYING to setup both daily and weekly schedules for several drives, with the daily or weekly depending on the drive and its use.  I also found this in the help documentation:

  • Defraggler requires the Windows Task Scheduler service to be running for scheduling to work.
  • Defraggler runs as a scheduled Windows task. You can view the task in the Scheduled Tasks applet from the Control Panel.
  • The scheduled run will not occur if the Defraggler window is already open - even if the Defraggler window is idle.
  • Defraggler has two versions: Defraggler.exe, the program with a graphical interface, and df.exe, a 'silent' program that runs without any visible notification. df.exe is the version of Defraggler that runs as a scheduled task.

So then can I follow these rules - sort-of - HOW?  I just don't have a working "Windows Scheduled Task" as a reference. Like machismo sorta says above - does this "Task" somehow "magically appear" after I parcel-out the scheduling setup in the Defraggler GUI?  Does it always create it perfectly, and if not, is there some EXAMPLE I can see that always works?

Just trying to connect the dots between Defraggler and this W7 Task Scheduler Service and any help would be much appreciated - Thx!


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g'day Paul and welcome to the forums.

I personally have not setup up a scheduled task for so many years that I'd be of little to no help.
so I'll let this one go through to the keeper for me and wait for someone else more knowledgeable to chime in.

to answer your concerns from your PM, rest assured the Admin guys will see this, they tend to read all messages but for some reason they only opt-in to request more info if the message pertains to a bug.  they almost never  offer advice in solving users day to day issues.

but hey, you may get lucky.

so until they, or another volunteer jumps on, the documentation and sheer brute force will be your companions. :)

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Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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