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Viewing Progress of scheduled defrag


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I use the 64-bit version of defraggler and I want to know if theres a way to view the current progress either by percentage or drive map when using the scheduler in the defraggler64.exe? Or do I have to somehow change it to use the defraggler64.exe in the task scheduler to be able to see that?


Also, if you have anymore infomation about my last topic of what the "/ts" switch is thats used when you schedule defrags and if theres a way to warn the user when the PC is going to be shutting down instead of just immediately shutting down

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Hello, I am also curious on this & have the same question as the OP. a lot of times the scheduled df64.exe is running but no way to check on its status. Sometimes I want to finish the defrag and then shut down the PC but I have no way to tell if its gonna be done in 5 minutes or 5 hours. it would be great if the gui could be launched and "take over" the defrag process from the background scheduled task or at least display its status somehow.

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