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No secure delete anymore with use of Thunderbird V.1.36.479


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Hi all,


OS: Windows XP SP3


Recuva V.1.36.479


Just upgraded to the above version and the old Thunderbird e-mail client problem is back.



After scanning for deleted files secure delete is greyed out.


I unticked the thunderbird zip files and other files linked to it but no go.


The funny thing is that when I look at the compressed files option I can secure delete but only one file at the time. All other options (video/pics etc..) have secure delete greyed out.


I also installed Recuva on another pc which doesn't have Thunderbird running and everything is ok there.

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Can you please post some snapshots of the problem?


Anybody else experiencing this problem?



Secure file delete does not work anymore. I tried securely deleting my already deleted files, but it keeps telling me o files deleted. I would really like to permanently delete all my files. please

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