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Ad a writing space to descrip a program's function

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I hope I'll make my point clear enough because I'm a french noob ;)


I have a suggestion to put on.

CCleaner is very useful to see which progams/softwares automatically launch when we boot our PC (we must go in the tool menu, then in "launching"... outils > d?marrage in the french release), it is better than Windows' tool because we have the possibility to desactivate an entry instead of deleting it.


However, I have an improvment to suggest :

when I'm looking for programs to take off of that list, I go on the Internet, and see what's important and not and sometimes I forget why I shouldn't take that program off !


That's why it would be very useful if the user could write something in that window.

We have currently the presentation : activated / key / program / file

I suggest to put instead : activated / key / program / file / note



example :

I currently have

yes / HKLM:run / Apoint / C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe


I'd like to put myself

yes / HKLM:run / Apoint / C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe / "dont take off otherwise touchpad won't work".


It is that simple, and it would help me because I'm never sure about ctfmon.exe !!!




Salut les loulous et bonjour chez vous !



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