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I could write a ten page eassy for you to read here. But there would be little point. Google contains a great wealth of information.


The simple answer is yes, you do. But do we all. No. I wont go down this road as i dont want to confuse you. The bottom line here is, bassing my answer on your question is you very much do. To ask that question shows you maybe new to owning a computer.


The first thing you should ask your self is, Am i going to buy an AV or use a free one? With so many great free ones there is not a great need to buy one.


Every one has there own choice of what they use as a AV, Here is a list of a few






I'm sure more will be listed but i must run

No fate but what we make

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How does Antivirus Protection work?Do i need antivirus protection on ?

Hi gaurav. Computer viruses are like human viruses. When you get sick from a virus you may get just a little sick or you may get very seriously ill. Naturally in a worst case situation, you may even die from the virus. If your PC gets infected with a virus it will be on a similar scale.


Fortunately, unlike many human viruses, you can take steps to try and prevent your PC from getting infected with a virus. The first step, which is crucial to your PC health, is to have good anti-virus protection in place. This protection by default will run as soon as you log onto your PC.


There have been many posts on this forum discussing various anti-virus programs. One thing for sure is that there are some excellent AV programs available at zero cost. In my opinion and countless users share the same opinion, there is no reason to pay for anti-virus protection.


My personal favorite is Avast. The current free version is "4.8 Home Edition" but soon to be released (sometime in October) the free version will be called "Avast Free Antivirus" (this will be version 5).



Hope this helps.

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