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Problem recovering files


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I installed the Recuva and applied it to my USB 240GB WD Drive. The results were very poor. Only about 20 songs were recovered and the rest were apparently over written. A Disk Recovery program from UBERDOWNLOADS recovered all but 2 songs out of 25,000. However that program cost $100.00, with a money back guaranty, to transfer the files to the "C" drive. I'd definitely like to use Recuva to complete the task though if possible!! Apparently it has an algorithm that reconstructs the partially over written files. A 145 GB of disk space is used for the Songs. But Recuva identifies 44GB as unrecoverable (Over written) and 20GB of possible recovery. All of the songs are in folders with initialization (*.ini) files but does not identify the folders.


Any suggestions or updates will be welcomed.

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