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CCleaner closes after it's done analyzing

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I get this message whenever I click analyze-


"Runtime Error!


Program: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe



-floating point support not loaded"


Please help.



I'm told this is a 'bug' Not with ccleaner though, an infection.


Run anti virus. apparently it's W32/Parite-B.


Take this with a pinch of salt as i'm not 100% positive or claim to know or have had experience this problem or with other users.



edit: I have just been doing a bit of google and this person resolved it. Was a virus http://forum.sysinternals.com/forum_posts....=14659&PN=2 may be of some use to you.


also this other person had the issue when clearing history & temp files etc, but not using ccleaner



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