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Wipe Free Space function

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When I use the new 'Wipe Free Space' function I have a problem with it, and I wonder if it's a problem other users are having. When I tick the box at the bottom of the advanced options to select 'Wipe free space', and click the run cleaner icon to use it, the progress bar at the top more or less immediately goes accross to 97% and the litttle circular motion indicator near the top left side of the screen, that says the cleaning is in progress, starts turning, and it counts up from 0%

The problem is when it reaches 100% indicating the free space has all been wiped, it doesn't stop. The progress bar doesn't move on from 97% and the circular motion cleaning indicator keeps turning, and it stays like that indefinately. I've left it all day before, and it still doesn't stop. If you click on cancel, it then stops and says 'Cleaning incomplete' or something along those lines, and if you move the curser anywhere else on the screen, all you get is the little hourglass icon. The only way you can stop it is to click the X in the top right corner and turn the whole program off, which leads me to believe the function is then rendered useless, and the free space wipe is left uncompleted.

Is anyone else having this problem, and if they are, does anyone know how to solve it?

If it helps. I always use the cleaner on Guttman 35 passes setting.

I don't know if it makes any difference, or if it helps for anyone to know this, but my computer runs Windows XP, with Internet Explorer8 (Much slower than 7 but that's another topic) and it has a 60 gig hard drive, with 12% reserved for Windows recovery, leaving 82% useable, which works out approximately 55.8 gig, which currently has 12.9 gig full, and 42.9 gig free.

Also I've pretty much left C Cleaner on it's default settings, except I've chosen the secure delete Guttman 35 passes option.

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