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Using Recuva in case of no partition of Hard Disk

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Hi Everyone,


I lost all folders from "My Document". I searched for them in Recycle Bin but could not find anything.


Suddenly, I came across Recuva. I have Version 1.0 uninstalled on pc. Before running the application request for advice on the following:


1) Can I run Recuva in the same drive as there is no partition ?


2) Is there any threat of losing the hard disk after running it?


Please revert at the earliest.

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Hi beacon, and welcome to Piriform.


There're guys on here who are more genned up on using Recuva than me, but I can give you some initiall advice.


Firstly, there's a very good guide on the Piriform Docs site.


Secondly, you need to leave the version alone on your hard drive, as any disk activity could overwrite files you are trying to recover. You also need to download the latest version from the following link.




Choose the portable version which you can download onto a thumb drive, once again not writing to your Hard Drive which could overwrite files.


If you don't have a thumb drive, this might be a good time to get one, or you could use a Camera Card, which is no different to a flash drive. You can put any files on them besides pictures.


I can't think at the moment where you could have lost all your "My Documents" folders, but for now I hope this helps.

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