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ZA Free and CCleaner Question


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Hi All:

Anyone know how to fix this isue I am having with Zone Alarm free and CCleaner: It seems that after I run CCleaner, my ZA gives me a pop up with a message that the program I am trying to run (such as Spware blaster or MS antispyware) is trying to access the internet. I check the box on ZA that should let the program access the internet in the future, but after I run a CCleaner session, it comes back again. I don't seem to remember having this problem in the past, with previous versions of CCleaner. I unchecked the ZA logs box, but that was't it. Is there a box I need to uncheck in CCleaner that will prevent this?




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What does the box that ZA pops up say? Does it actually say CCleaner or does it just happen after running CCleaner?





Well, maybe I am on the wrong track here. The ZA popup says "the program has changed since it's last check" It doesn't say CCleaner, it has the name of the specific program I am trying to run, ie MS antispyware, or Spyware blaster, etc. It seems now that it might not be related to CCleaner, as it seems to happen after I reboot. Not sure what is happening here!


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