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System Bogs Down After CCleaner Run


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After running either one of the latest 2 versions of CCleaner my system slows down by ~50%, esp Explorer/PowerDesk and any number of other programs. I must always re-boot to get the system running right again even if I do not clean anything, just open and close the program. What's the hangup going on here? Nothing unusual shows in processes running. Makes no difference running minimal configeration, or memory cache cleaning with AnalogX MaxMem.


The Temporary Internet Files index.dat file cleaner does not appear to work at all. After re-booting the index.dat file is identical to the one before cleaning. Not a problem for me as I use my own DOS custom bat file with a boot floppy at bootup to clean most of the system.


I have looked/searched through the forum for anyone else posting about a system slowdown and failed to turn any up. I did fine a couple of posts about the index.dat files remaining, but no answers were given as to the lack of function.

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