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Suggestions & Few things I noticed


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Love the program and I know it's in BETA but I feel like pointing out some superficial but arguably important features that Defraggler needs.


# Save window location and size on program close

# Tab Column organization and again the ability to save the position, add/remove tabs, and save the length (ie. customs lengths to fit the window)

# Settings dialog of course

# Auto Update feature and/or an more direct link to the latest version instead of just the Piriform homepage

# Explorer Context Menu Option (say I right click on a folder in explorer, it would be very helpful if it had a "defrag folder/file" option where it would start the program up immediately and defrag it)

# Option to save the settings to ini file

# Option to close program and/or shut-down computer after a defrag

# Multiple Language support

# Less confusing Drive Map colouring and legend. I believe fragmented files, files that can't be fragmented, and free space is more than enough.

# Advanced Report dialog (ie windows defrag) that would include everything including the drive legend and other info that non-laymen people need. I doubt I'm alone in the fact that I only want to see the files that are fragmented, unfragmented, and free space.


these are some things that I would think would make the program 10x better. Which, of course, is difficult since it already rules and it's just beta! I appreciate you developer(s) on such a good program. As much as make it a point to only use freeware or nothing at all I wouldn't bat an eye if you charged for CCleaner/Defraggler (not so much Recuva, never had such a use for that type of software). I'ms ure you have some of thes in the works already but just throwing some things out there. OK, thanks.


edit: I forgot to mention that I only wrote this because I saw there was an absence of a Road map or future additions log. Also, I think I should mention I just purchased Assassin's Creed today and I did not defrag the folder after installing (impatience) but the loading times were about 10 to 15 seconds long, so I decided to open up Defraggler and defrag the Ubisoft folder. Now when I start it up and load a level it is around 5 seconds average ,to 8 seconds MAX. So yeah...even if this was the very last Defraggler I would use it until something (I doubt it) would come along and beat it. Small file size and memory footprint is win.

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