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First,BONJOUR DE PARIS, :) I am one of your French fans (for the 3 Piriform's of course-BRAVO for the new Recuva).


Before March Beta,my only problem was the "dead button" DEFRAG (never blue,nor active) , but right-clicking was acceptable for my C-disk.I presume and hope it will be cured for a better and faster using pleasure...MERCI BEAUCOUP LES AMIS !!!!!


But surprisingly,my 19 March downloading generates a "like-stopping" process phenomenon during the third phase of "defrag FREE SPACE".Analyse and Defrag Drive run well,but Free Space never ends after 50% displaying.


I left all night for the last test,but my PC "hanged up" and this morning was a little sad (but the sunrise in Paris always beautiful as you know).


It runs on a Basic-Vista/1Go DDR2/160Go SATA , or precisely does not run (never ending story) since yesterday.


Am I desperately French or.... :blink: is there a bug causing this half-funny behaviour ? I don't want to re-load the previous version. :(


Is it a part of Mc Cain's "war program" ;) or a good joke ? Our friendship will not be affected , don't worry ! :rolleyes:


AU REVOIR ET MERCI to you all !!!

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