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Overclock Fail


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Hi all,


Need help with mother board Asus P5VD2-VM, an error message prompts:


System Boot Fail

Your system maybe OverClock fail or POST interuppted

Please enter setup to load default and reboot again


please advise





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If you were overclocking, and it is too much, you have to try two things. First, try unplugging your power cord after it is shut down and leave your computer alone for 5 minutes. Once you do that, try pluging the cord back in and see if it works.


If not, you will have to clear the CMOS jumper, which either involves throwing a switch, or removing the battery. Make sure that the power is disconnected so you don't risk shorting something out.


Click here, and read through the Overclocking article in the PDF file. They tell you how to clear for both an Intel based and AMD based PC.




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