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What are possible bugs?

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I would like to use Defraggler on my laptop but I use this laptop as my only computer. I have my personal files there as well as work files.


My question is - is it safe to to use Defraggler? What bug can be in the beta version? Are these bugs related to file-moving algorithm or are they related to interface only?


Thanks for your explanation,


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I use the regular Windows defrag and I never have had a problem.


I have been trying JkDefrag and I like it:



Have a read:


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Hi YoKenny, thank you for your reply but I wasn't asking about that.


I tried many other defragment software tools including built-in defrag for Windows. But I would like to try Defraggler, therefore my question relates to Defraggler only.


Can anybody let me know what are possible risks of using Defraggler? Can I lost my data or something like that?




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Defraggler is still in beta so we do not recommend it for use in a commercial environment. However, data loss should not be an issue as we use the same APIs to defrag as the standard Windows defrag tool.

But as with any beta, back up before you use it on important data.




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