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Fatal Error


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After initiating a scan on C:\ I get the following error immediately:



---------------------------DrWatson Fatal Error---------------------------Dr. Watson was unable to attach to the process. It is possible that process exited before Dr. Watson could attach to it.Windows returned error code = -2147024891Access is denied.



Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?




Sony VAIO VGN-A190, 1.7GHz


120GB HD

Windows XP SP2

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That comes from Norton Anti-Virus. When ever I get that, it means I didn't let Norton fully load before I did anything on Windows. If you wait for the icon to turn Green, then you can do what you want to.


Try that...see if Recuva works again



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Well, Dr. Watson wasn't even logging the error. Ugh. So, I disabled Dr. Watson, ran Recuva again and got this:



---------------------------recuva.exe - Application Error---------------------------The instruction at "0x00449f2a" referenced memory at "0x00e70637". The memory could not be "read".



I'm not sure what to do next, but thanks.

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I really have to apologize for this continuing frustration. I ran Recuva in debug mode as you said, but there was no log file created! From what I read about running in debug mode, the log file is supposed to be created as soon as the app is started, and in the same dir as the exe. There are only 2 files in c:\program files\recuva - recuva.exe and uninst.exe


It was indeed running in debug mode, as indicated by the [debug] after the version number.

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