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New Version 1.07 faulty


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Just downloaded the new version 1.07 - and immediately turned back to the earlier version 1.06.


Pro: the new version does apparently now recognise USB-Sticks properly. While the older versions marked and file as "excellent" (even totally overwritten ones) this seems to work properly now.


Con: the file recovery delivers crap, from USB-Stick as well as hard drive. I tried it on some files with version 1.06 vs 1.07. The same file that 1.06 could handle without errors could not be recovered properly with 1.07; I found empty files, files with fragments of the content and additional stuff in.


As the recovery function is the heart of it - I better removed this immediately.


Waiting for bug fixing... then it will be surely an improved version.

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Can you post some more details of the drives you are testing on, file system etc. Also can you let me have some details of the files that 1.06 was able to recover that 1.07 could not.





I am sure which details you are exactly looking for, but try my best:


USB-Stick: Using an (old) Kinsgton Traveller-stick. Tried to recover a simple text file, which shows a size of 1 kB and shows "excellent" conditions to the harddisk D:. The file appearing there was totally empty, size zero. The same file was recovered correctly from the same USB-Stick to the same location by version 1.06 (I repeated it today with the same results, just to doublecheck). Filessystem on the stick is FAT32.


Harddisk: It was as well a text file I used, status "excellent". Some empty lines after the correct text there was further (unreadable) fragmented text visible - this did not happen when recovering the same file with version 1.06. However, I could not repeat this problem today, with some other files I tried today it worked, while the file I used yesterday was lost.

Filesystem is NTFS.


Operating System is Windows XP.


Hope this helps.

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