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USB drive recover not working


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I tried to make my usb-memory bootable (8GB Flash Voyager) and now all files and everything disappeared. I replaced my boot sector with one from a diskette and it changed from FAT32 to FAT12 and now I try to recover the files, but the drive is not a choice in Recuva. It appears in Explorer, but Windows doesn't recognize it and wants to format it, which I haven't chosen to do yet. I guess most should be recoverable since I only replaced the 512byte in the boot sector? Any ideas or is Recuva not a program for this scenario? Will it be?


I tried another program as well, Active UnDelete, and it found the drive and after 14h advanced scanning it found some files, but only in the boot partition (FAT1 of FAT2) and not in my data partition. And nothing happened when I tried to choose FAT2 in the list as well. :(


Any ideas? Would be nice if Recuve could find these problems as well. Any debug information you want me to provide to help out?


Vista 32-bit, running Recuva 1.04.104 elevated.

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