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More Advance "Quick-CCleaner Cleaning" Feature

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How about a Hot-key/Boss-key to Activate and Close CCleaner's window? Maybe we can even make CCleaner to clean up "Pre-set Items" in Silent-Mode with a Hot-key without even open the CCleaner's Window...


For example:

Just like the "Run CCleaner from Recycle Bin" function, but activated with just pressing: SHIFT/Alt + DELETE :lol:


OPTIONAL (allow us to turn off this feature in Option)

And after everything is cleaned, show a simple "Report of deleted Items window" and then automatically closed after 5 seconds... (with count-down display) ;)


I hope this is not too much to ask, I know it sounds a bit crazy... but it will make our life a lot easier! :P

P/S: I got this crazy idea from AVG anti-virus + Run CCleaner from Recycle Bin!!!

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