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kris treagus

suggestions for next release

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CCleaner is still the best program of it's kind!


a couple of simple suggestions:


* it would be great to be able to select a folder/drive in Custom Folders, with the option to search all sub-folders for a given wildcard (eg. *.tmp).

at present, we can pick either a specific folder or a filename, but sub-folders aren't an option.


* also, specifying a number of hours or days would be substantially better than just 48 hours.

(eg. you leave work on a friday night and return ~56hrs later monday morning -- with never a hope of finding a backup file, that was deleted immediately on startup; if we had a variable time here, it could be a lot safer).




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I would like to add one more thing.


* an option to suggest users to run registry cleanup more then once.

It's common that more issues appear if you run the cleaner 2 or 3 times consequently. It's probably because additional abandoned elements are being detected upon removal of previous glitches.

So what if by the end of the cleanup process CC asks if you want to run it again?


Some other commercial programs were "smart" and knew when to suggest it.



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