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  1. Thanks Megan, I use also Karspersky VPN, Windscribe VPN, Urban VPN,.... and has not at all this great fall down in the speed. And, of course, if I can help, here I am for you completely. even this problem, I like Kamo.
  2. so easy, here you have two screenshoots, without and with Kamo activated. It's a pity.
  3. I have the same problem:
  4. I also use Karspersky VPN, Zenmate or Windscribe and in all the fall down of the speed is not at all so huge as with Kamo. This is why I ask for.Thanks.
  5. Hello world. I have just begin with Kamo 4.0 but, when open in private connection, the speed of mu computer goes from 1TB to less than 100 MB. Please, It's normal? because I think is completely crazy. Thanks
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