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  1. Hi guys, First of all I want to thank you about your great apps that I use every day. I just got an idea to tell you can you make some registry defragment (if it is not included in current version). I mean something like PageFedrag ( http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...pagedefrag.mspx ) do.
  2. How could I also remove some folders in one specific folder? I mean like Folder 1 include folder2, folder3 & testfolter so I want to remove all folders with 'folder' name.. Can CCleaner do this?
  3. Hi MrG and thanks for the perfect app you guys made. I have one hopefully new feature request. Is there any possibility that CCleaner 2.0 or newer could remove some specific files in some specific folder. Here is little example: Folder named Downloads have many files like .avi, .log .zip etc.. and I want to remove only the files which are in .zip format for example. So is there any possibility that I could use * in the file's name I want to delete with CCleaner? I hope that you understand me and sorry for my horrible english. Regards!
  4. Cool! If you need any betatesters here I'm with Vista Business + XP Pro. Both are 32bit versions.
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