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  1. The CCleaner browser has gone mad. It always tries to block my work webmail for being "unsafe" but there's a "proceed anyway" option so it's not a big deal. Now it's blocking perfectly legitimate sites with no "proceed anyway" option. You simply cannot visit the site. Today it blocked: News site metro.co.uk Price comparison site uswitch.co.uk The error message states: "You cannot visit www.uswitch.com right now because the website uses HSTS." If two of the most visited, most reputable sites in the UK use HSTS (whatever that is), then it's probably okay. The message also says "this page will probably work later", but as far as I can see the blockage is permanent. Ironically, the CCleaner browser also tried to block the CCleaner homepage, though the "proceed anyway" option was available or else I wouldn't be here. Chaps, the purpose of an internet browser is to enable users to browse the internet, not stop them doing so. Looks like I might have to go back to Chrome. At least my adblocker works there.
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