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  1. Englisch Good evening, I have a problem with the Safari browser and hope that you can help me further. I have a Macbook Pro with the latest update. I use Safari as my browser and have about 400 tabs open in addition to 5-6 windows. From time to time I use the CCleaner with the following tick (see appendix). Safari always opens everything as soon as the computer starts. When I start CCleaner, I am asked if I want to close the browser. I then click yes. When CCleaner is done, I restart Safari and go to History "Reopen all windows from the last session". Great ..., everything is back. But this time I closed Safari after the start and then started CCleaner and let it run. BUT with exactly the same tick (attachment) But when I started Safari again, I could NOT open any windows from the last session. Since I leave all ticks that way, Safari was able to open the windows of the last session, although the history is deleted. If the history is really COMPLETELY gone, I wouldn't have the opportunity to open the last window either !!! Will the Safari Histrory.db, or others, then be overwritten with this SINGLE NEW tab? Or does CCleaner delete the History.db and then there is a new one? Then the old one can possibly be found! Or does CCleaner save everything that is deleted? And no ..., unfortunately no backup was made. But I learn from mistakes. Thank you for your help and stay healthy
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