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  1. Hi Andavari, thank you for your second reply about my program ill see how i go with your information. Also i cannot drag a file or choose a file as i have too many files about CCleaner i might not have the right 1 that you are looking for and also i might not have the right year it could take me weeks and more time wasting to find the appropriate file if it is in files or in downloads. bye Gary.
  2. Hi Andavari thank you for your advice and expert help now i have 2 options to try and fix my problem ill both give them a try and see how i go i hope i dont stuff myself up again it will probably take a week or more to try and fix this.
  3. i want to find and reinstall my old Microsoft reboot startup program on my computer using the recuva program this is the first time i have had this problem i simply dont know how to use the recuva program. i was only going by the advice of 1 of my avg programs to delete the program or file just to save time and speedup my computer. that will be the last time i will take their advice. i am worried if i use the recuva program i might stuff things up even more. i am very good at stuffing myself up when it comes to computers.im not a computer wizard or a it professional. i cannot add the file that i deleted or moved to recuva because i put it in recuva in the first place and i have no idea how to use the recuva program i just want a simple solution to my problem that i can fix it myself as im fed up keep getting my computer bloke to come around and fix my computer problems as it is costing me a fortune every time please help me someone
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