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  1. Typo in previous. Setting / Device did NOT show the Touchpad at all.
  2. Email has just been sent with the 4 requested files attached. Subject is: Driver Updater killed my Touchpad Here is the rest of the story. Turns out the integrated camera was also not functioning along with the touchpad. Tried doing revert and some other tings. Nothing helped. Settings / Devices did show show the Touchpad. Mouse was followed immediately by Typing. Device Manager / Human Interface Devices show a fade icon for ELAN HID class Filter Driver. It was like the Touchpad did not exist. Ended up using a Windows Restore Point from the day before Using Driver Updater to get everything back in order. Things seem fine now.
  3. After updating drivers on my Levono IdeaPad L340 with Windows 11, the Touchpad stopped working.. I was able to get my wireless mouses going again so Im not dead in the water. I went into System Setting to checkout the Touchpad and all I found was that the Touchpad setting no longer existed!! I downloaded and installed new Mouse/Touchpad drivers from Levono but still no Touchpad showing up in Settings. Advise using Driver Updater with care since it's still very new. I'll update if/when a resolution if found.
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