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    Music from the folks of everywhere, the older the better, especially if it's played on button accordions, bagpipes, fiddles, guitars, mandolins, hurdy-gurdys or concertinas. Dance of the peoples of everywhere, especially the Mediterranean, the middle east and Andalucia.

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  1. I'm using the free version of CCleaner with Firefox, and I always use Custom Clean. A few days ago it almost entirely stopped cleaning the cookies and cache from Firefox. Now after cleaning it only lists a few cookies and a few files of cache cleaned, never more than 4 of either and usually only 2 or 3. In fact I ran it just now, and it listed both cookies and cache as skipped! The first time it happened I checked in Settings >Clear Cookies and Cache and the usual amount of stuff still remained to be cleared, so now I have to clear them both manually. I'd really appreciate anything you can tell me about why this is happening and how I can fix it.
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