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  1. I have the CD of that and I use Driver easy to update the drivers, just only one is missing to update is the "whatchdog timer driver", but I no know where is located the driver in the manage diveces called "Motherboard resources", AND I used Speccy before with the same motherboard, just buy a Intel i5, with speccy I noticed the high temp on the core, just nedded to apply some termal plastic.
  2. I do dode, hey, i'm not new to use a PC, I start with Windows-ME =P, I no know why I have that problems now.
  3. I like to have all drivers on updates and constantly I chk for that ones, but mostly of them are for sound device and modem, I remember that problem too on XP, but that was a privilegies problem, I no know if any windows update comes with a problem, and yes, I try to admin but did't works. And how I can know wich one dlls are missing?
  4. Is weird... I download it today from the main page...
  5. That is so very WEIRD!, the program worked great, I used it to chk my new processor, but now the program did't works, and show that information... http://speccy.piriform.com/results/oV63edU1ecBcVKmyUBAVZB5 Whats going on? DxDiag.txt
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