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  1. I have emailed the relevant data to you. It would be advantageous if you emailed me your request instead of me discovering it after a month. I do NOT check this forum on any regular basis.
  2. Asmedia USB3.1 eXtensible Host Controller version incorrectly identified as version when Device Manager reports the version is The update fails. Need a fix to eliminate this discrepancy.
  3. One driver for whatever reason refused to update. That is because it was already updated. The detected driver version is not correct according to the version reported in Device Manager. The version reported as installed in Device Manager is the version CCleaner is trying to update. So the update fails. It is poor foresight to report a driver update failure but not why it failed to update. Also, multiple drivers failed because of the order in which they are being updated. Some "drivers" must be updated first and a reboot performed before others can be installed. REALLY CLUNKY NEW FUNCTION. However, this new function is way ahead of Windows Updates, HP updates, etc. I do not trust either HP or Microsoft to provide reliable driver updates. It would be nice to get things right before a new function is released. I really find it difficult to support or endorse products that rely on unpaid customers for their quality control. If you want specifics about what I am reporting then I will send you an invoice for my time.
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