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  1. Well the reason I brought up the 1st point is that the newer Dell Touchpad driver in my case although uninstalled..'held my touchpad at ransome' so to speak and conflicted the earlier properly working driver and had my Touchpad screwed for a while..some not so tech savvy users may have problems if the drivers provided are too new..so something should be put in place to make ccleaner liase with the machine custom built hardware and provide appropriate drivers...it may be helpful in pointing out that the problematic driver did not appear for update on another program I use to that has driver updating capabilities... Anyway..thanks again for your feedback..and I surely will keep looking for suggestions!
  2. I was a bit hesitant to click the update all tab button when I first used it..but it was way more better than i feared..very good I must say..please take in these few suggestions though: (1) a bit better on researching machines before suggesting the latest driver available..especially for older machines..in my case the Dell Touchpad driver was 'too new' for my system and caused a few problems and I had to revert the hard way through uninstalling in safe mode etc...as it was a bit too complicated for the ccleaner revert options..and I then skipped the problematic driver..which brings me too my 2nd suggestion (2) include a tab that filters out skipped drivers so we can easily revisit them..currently I have to make a notepad created self made tab as to remember under which category and what name the skipped driver is... (3) include in the options a choice of directory where the saved new driver files are stored(I tried to find the location but without luck) and also the directory for the backed up driver(I did manage to find this in the default program files folder)...and also an option to clear these folders..as in time..they will eat up hard drive storage...this will be especially helpful with persons,like myself with dual booth systems(I have dual boot of the same OS.win 10)...so there will be no need to re-download the driver files as the program would just simply check the version in the directory and compare it to the available driver and decide if it has to be downloaded again if it is new or corrupted etc (4) improve sequences of install attempts...some drivers need to be updated before others can be..the program itself does it..but not on first try..when it goes wrong..and you get the popup that some drivers could not be installed...and you try again..it automatically resequences its approach and gets it correct eventually...if the program is smart enough..I'm sure the algorithm can be tweaked to get the sequence in the correct order and not alphabetically,so all drivers would be installed properly on the first try. Please consider my humble suggestions as it will certainty make our experience more productive and pleasurable..thank you!
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