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  1. I agree as well, it would be most welcome for there to be an /issues command with and without the option of fixing all the issues that arise. It would make CCleaner just a bit more complete than it already is.
  2. I only get this error (along with having to end ccleaner) when Opera Internet Cache is selected to be analyzed. If I turn that option off then it works perfectly fine. I've installed CCleaner 1.36.430 properly and rebooted after installation. I'm running the latest version of windows as of today. However when I run it in safemode (again this happens when Opera Internet Cache is selected) The program closes and I get a different popup error entirely: --------------------------- CiceroUIWndFrame: ccleaner.exe - Application Error --------------------------- The exception Floating-point inexact result. (0xc000008f) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812a5b. Click on OK to terminate the program --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I checked the contents of my internet cache only to find that there were 30,085 files! This might be why ccleaner is crashing. (I guess it's my fault for having such a huge cache size limit and never bothering to delete my cache...) ccleaner ran perfectly fine after I deleted all of those files! If you could make ccleaner a little beefier and able to handle that many files it would make my day. This is an awesome application and I really appreciate it being absolutely free. Thank you for developing it!
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