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  1. Thanks nukecad I scrolled up and, lo and behold, your signature DOES have a link that answers my question. Probably what happened is . . . I stopped reading after the word "beer"
  2. To those of you kind enough to offer input I can understand the discrepancy between the "Health Check" readout for retained history as "trackers". But here's something I DON'T understand: In Custom Clean, under "System", I have EVERYTHING checked. And yet, when I run it and then follow up with Health Check . . . Health Check finds Temporary System Files that it wants to clean. That's why I have everything under "System" checked. Because if you just check "Temporary Files" under "System", this phenomenon happens. (Which, IMHO, it shouldn't. So, even if you check every bo
  3. @nukecad I don't use Chrome because I've read bad things about it. Google has definitively proven themselves to be untrustworthy. Which is highly disappointing. I can remember a time when Google actually worked. A time when some of us saps intentionally used Google to help them rise above their competitors. The VLC bug no longer shows up.
  4. @Andavari That Hosts file idea looks interesting. I paid for a browser extension called "Trace" that appears to not be helpful. I use Bitdefender, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Did some experimenting, going back and forth with Health Check vs Custom Clean. Established that if one chooses to retain their browser history, Health Check detects that as retention of trackers. I thought that was odd since I assumed trackers were separate from a log of webpages. Did some looking around on the net and found this: https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/public_comments/2015/10/00064-98109.pdf Apparently, now that the internet has been thoroughly commandeered by commercial interests, the web has become weaponized for profit. I.E., if you don't want to be tracke
  6. Thanks for reminding me of the earlier "Easy Clean/Quick Clean" paradigm. This is the problem with programmers. They obsessively attempt to "fix" what ain't broke. Automatic decided to "improve" Wordpress and now people who've been using it for years have effectively been frozen out of their own blogs until they either learn the new paradigm or PURCHASE a plugin. See how that works? As you've indirectly pointed out, the word "Clean" should be in both tabs. God forbid that the GUI would be logical. I've been keeping an eye on my startups for years. Bitdefender used to have a gr
  7. You know, Nukecad . . . once I went back and looked at the application, REALLY looked at the application . . . what you said was obvious. I'm not fully left-brained but I CAN program and I have trained myself to be logical when necessary. So once I saw what you were saying, it bothered me. How did I miss what was right in front of my eyes? And, of course, I've been asking the same question recently of the general public: How do they fail to see what is right in front of their eyes? It was humbling to discover I wasn't seeing something that was right in front of mine. Although I'm a
  8. Thanks so much! Apparently, even a Brit hopped up on whisky has a clearheaded thought every once in awhile.
  9. I have the latest version of Firefox. If I use the CCleaner Health Check feature, when it wipes out the trackers, it also wipes out my browser history. I DEFINITELY want to eliminate the trackers (leeches), but do I HAVE to lose my browser history to do that? The CCleaner browser setting is set to "Disable" on Firefox. IMHO, that should be all I need to do. I want to wipe the browser history once a week, NOT several times a day like CCleaner is currently doing. It's very difficult to do serious research on the net when the history keeps getting wiped out.
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