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  1. Hi Nukecad, Thank you for your fast reply. All settings for Ccleaner were on, so also for Microsoft edge Chromium. No suprises there. Your second tip was probably the case. However, I did an update op Chromium yesterday an It seems that this did the trick. because after that there were just 5 trackers to be removed in stead of 3 digit numbers with the first of the 3 beeing a minimum of 5 by only opening Edge. I checked the settings and now startup boost is turned off by default due to the update probably. However I still don't get the notification I no
  2. Yesterday I noticed that I suddenly get personalised ads from Youtube altough I use Ccleaner and have a VPN. At first i contacted my VPN supplier as I thought it was strange, because a VPN should make your details invisable. The problem however lies deeper. Normally when I close my browser it erases my internethistory because i use smartclean in Ccleaner, but it doesn't work anymore. I sincerely hate Google and try to avoid using it as much as possible. My search engine is Duckduck go, everything from google is uninstalled on my devices as much as possible, my inte
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