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  1. @nukecad Exactly. Thank you for explaining. I have not had a chance to see if the 'boss's' computer is still cutting off the first character, he is on it all the time, and we are super busy at work. Mine is back to 'normal' last I looked (first character now has good 'elbow room') It was curious that only the 'current' cookies list had the new 'cookie jar' (left panel), but I am guessing it is because all on the right had been saved by me previously under the 'old' system. I'm guessing any new cookies I protect may appear on the right in the 'new' format... The
  2. Thank you, Incidentally, it WAS an 'i' LOL (for intuit) Also, later my OS crashed (RAM full and Windows updating in background) Systems always seems unstable when windows get going in the background! (I can always tell: "must be a Windows update downloading..."), sure enough it was... After my browser/system crashed (whole computer rebooted, auto recovery restart AFAIK [was NOT the update restart]), I DID try again, and the field was normal again, but the Bosses CCleaner search was still messed up. [He's in the office now so I can't try it right now] His co
  3. 19" monitors, 64 bit HP desktops. Nothing special; not changed any font or screen settings. Only updates to software, Windows, CCleaner, and some other utilities. No special screen-readers or accessibility setting or tools. I don't often search cookies, but I do with new accounts to save the login cookies. Don't know how long it was like this. Will see if better after reboot tomorrow morning, but doesn't explain the bosses computer exhibiting the same behavior. It searches fine, you just don't see the first character you type (and I thought I mistyped, and
  4. I just noticed that the boxes for entering a search term in the cookie tool is cutting off the first character typed there. It is there, just not visible (took me a minute to realize what was going on when I could not find cookies that were confirmed to be in the lists below). The magnifying glass icon covers the first character typed. CCleaner 5.77.8521 64bit Win 10 20H2 FireFox 86.0 Also on another computer running the same versions. So this is when you go to 'Options' and 'Cookies', and use either search box at the top of the cookie li
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