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  1. I'm running on fumes right now, haven't slept, and don't see anything like that after going to Advanced. That could be the issue, I just only ran into it directly after using CCleaner. I'll just hope for a fix from Microsoft, as I know Windows 10 is just trashy to begin with, I can whole heartedly believe it's them especially since Windows 7 never had an issue.
  2. I've never had this issue, closing the browser in general never affected my passwords, since October when I got 2 new Laptops with Windows 10, CCleaner has wiped passwords from both Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.
  3. Okay listen, I'll go over this in order: For MONTHS, this has been happening on Windows 10 ONLY. When I USE CCleaner, ALL Saved Passwords are cleared from my browsers. When I close the browser everything remains, however when I USE CCleaner, it's all gone. Both CCleaner and the Browser are NOT Checked, to remove Saved Passwords. Everything is the same as when I used the App and Browsers on Windows 7. So yes, I have to re-enter login details (Username & Password) when going to any website that I login to, AFTER using CCleaner.
  4. Passwords is already turned off in that. And yes, using CCleaner clears my Saved Passwords, on both Edge and Chrome.
  5. I've had this issue with both Chrome and Edge, I prefer to use Edge, proven to be much better as of late. And Session is not checked. And I'm aware what Saved Passwords are on the browsers. I never had the issue where everything would be wiped when I used CCleaner on Windows 7, but 10 wipes all my saved Passwords.
  6. The title speaks for itself, ever since I moved to Windows 10 several months ago from my old laptop which was on Windows 7. CCleaner wipes out all the saved browser login info every time. I disabled the feature to wipe passwords for both browsers, and have doubled checked them before using it every time, and they're the same settings I use on Windows 7, yet only on windows 10, does this happen, and it's kind of getting annoying at this point.
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