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  1. FYI: Piriform's Speccy program was taking several minutes just to analyse what was in the new PC when my old PC took less than 2 seconds.In Dec 2020, on my old PC, Speccy suddenly started to also take several minutes to complete the analysis. I discovered that the D drive (a Sata III HDD) was faulty and despite running chkdsk d: /r several times, it appeared to immediately develop a fault again. Worse, Speccy reported the drive as being okay. I replaced the drive with another Sata III HDD and Speccy would once again analysis the entire PC in under two seconds (An i7 4770K with its 16GB of DDR3 ram, 500GB Sata III C drive and 1TB Sata III D drive).That made me very suspicious about the long times that Speccy was also taking to analyse the new PC and I eventually realised that although there were two or three issues, they were different. FYI Speccy does not know about DDR4 ram and it also does not know about the latest interface PCIe 4.0 interface on our M.2 NVMe SSD drives, such as the Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 Gen 4 NVMe SSD nor can it analyse their smart attributes. As a result, it takes several minutes trying to analysis a PC and it then reports these as unknown connections, unknown ram and also does not list the smart attributes or the various status's of the disks.At this stage Piriform's Speccy is simply no good on an upmarket PC and I have turned to other programs
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