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  1. Yes, I checked and it's not working again on my side neither
  2. @Dave CCleaner Thank you for your response. This started before the last version. And it continues after the update. Also, there's a Portuguese news website where the same happens. I've already tried to change the site's permissions, disabling adblock, remove extensions but without results. This doesn't happen in all websites with video, just some.
  3. I've got the same problem but on TikTok; I could watch the videos directly on the browser but since a couple of months, not anymore!!! But this issue doesn't happen on other browsers. EDIT: I forgot to add that I get a small icon next to the bookmark star saying "To open this link choose an app" and if click on it it opens a different window for TikTok, but the videos won't play neither.
  4. I've just found out what the problem is and is not related to the browser itself but to the anti-virus on my PC. The anti-virus installs by defect an extension when installing a new browser, but because I didn't install the extension when I got CCleaner browser installed for every download I was getting the annoying message. My solution was to install the anti-virus extension in the browser and now I no longer need to choose between "keep" or "discard" the file. Problem solved!!!
  5. Hi Dave, thanks for answering No matter if the pages are http or https! I'm attaching prints of my version and what happens. I'll try what @Kent Linkletter did and see what happens.
  6. Oh, now I understand! It's a shame And thank for your reply
  7. I got the same question as you; so far I haven't found a way to setup the downloads to be automatic And for me it happens to any type of file, either PDF or JPG for example. I got the anti-phishing disabled but not even that way I get automatic downloads without having to click on either "keep" or "discard" file
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