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  1. So no replies on this forum neither any response from Customer Support via email I sent on the same day (9 days ago!) Disgusting support service and I'm now left with 15 years of ruined photo memories!!
  2. On CCleaner for Android I used the suggested save space on your mobile feature to 'Compress Photos On Your Device' to approx 90% of original size. I thought that it would be ok to lose a little bit of quality to save some space and so I selected ALL my entire photo album and left the phone on charge for a few hours to complete the process. However, I have had a disastrous outcome as NONE of my newly compressed photos can be used in any application now like WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Zalo, Telegram etc The message appears as 'Invalid photo format" if I try to attach a p
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