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  1. I used this machine every day between Christmas and New Year, and don't remember being overwhelmed by Boxing Day ads.
  2. Hi. I can't say that I remember what the box looked like on the 14th. The cookies are whitelisted in CCleaner. Firefox is my default browser, and it deletes cookies at exit. I've also used Chrome recently, and whacked browsing data there at session's end.
  3. Well, this is odd. On January 14 (5:51 p.m. ET), I got the popup that v. 8269 had installed. I made a note, in case there were going to be multiple notifications. There wasn't a second one until yesterday (January 25, 5:18 p.m.), and now I've gotten another (January 26, 5:16 a.m.). The 11-day gap is what makes this so strange.
  4. > This particular service notification only had a 3 day run ... which ended at around 13:00 GMT today. So it should be gone regardless at this point. That's good to know. > So whatever is happening seems to only be impacting an undetectably small percentage of users - which is good news in the larger scheme of things - but I still want to figure out what is happening in your case so that we can find a solution. I agree about the good news in the larger sense. I checked, and the EXE is dated Dec. 8, so at least it hasn't been continually updating. Thanks, Dave. If it happens with the next update, I'll be back here.
  5. And yet another popup for 5.75.8238 when I booted up.
  6. I just got another popup. Why would this be cookie-based instead of all internal to the CCleaner ecosystem?
  7. > Confirming that is the same colourful one as in the screenshot above? It was indeed. > It would make sense that you see it one more time since that would still be its "first time" since you restored the cookie whitelist. But if you see it again after that please let us know. I will.
  8. For the record, I got that same popup again today when I booted up.
  9. > Marketing pop-ups to the free user base are highly restricted, generally only appearing during one of our occasional sales, and then a maximum of 1-4 times per campaign, >depending on the duration of the sale (usually 1-2 times, although this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday was an exception with 3-4 per user). It seems like more; I'll count next time. Maybe it has to do with the cookies discussed below. > If you are referring to the service notification below, this is set to appear once and once only at some point after you have updated to 5.75 if it seems that you have not >opened up the CCleaner console for a while. That is indeed the popup. And, as I've said, I've seen it multiple times. At first, I expected to find that there had been small updates, but that's apparently not the case. > The most common source of overmessaging is wiping the "I have already seen this message and I don't need to see it again" flag as a result of removing too many things >from the cookie cleaning whitelist. > The fix for this is to go to Options > Cookies in the CCleaner console, right click in "Cookies to Keep", select Import and import the cookies.txt attached here. That should >sort you out. My browser (Firefox) is set to delete cookies on exit; if CCleaner cookies live somewhere in that environment, it would explain the problem. I only run CCleaner occasionally, so importing these addresses into Cookies to Keep may not be my solution. Thanks.
  10. > I shouldn't have thought so. That's two of us. > How often are you seeing them? Once or twice a day; it didn't occur to me that I needed to pay close attention. > Are they only when you open CCleaner, or at other times? I haven't been opening CCleaner. > If possible could you attach a screenshot of one. Next time it comes up (which, of course, means it won't). It says that CCleaner has updated, and there's a button to bring up the version history web page. > Just for completeness, which Windows version/build do you have, and which antivirus are you running? Windows 7 Pro with Avast.
  11. The new improved automatic update system is all right, but I've gotten several popups telling me that the same update (to v. 5.75.8238) has completed. I understand why annoying marketing popups might repeat, but should it be happening with the update?
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