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  1. Thanks for the information provided on Health check. I take note of it for the future, but actually I did not run Helth check.
  2. The only thing I can say is that the latest version downloaded from the site is v5.72 on September 27th. So it would be the last one I installed, but I can't remember under what conditions (I usually don't uninstall uninstall unless the installation program asks me), or if I've used it since (I don't have a planned launch), or if there was an update from CCleaner. Sorry. Regards
  3. Thanks for your answers and explanations on CCleaner.ini. I didn't uninstall my CCleaner before installing the new version. It was offered in a pop-up when I launched my CCleaner. In my personal browsers settings, the only box ticked is Cache. After installing, I usually check that these preferences are not changed and they are not changed. So I did not do it this time. Unfortunately ... If you're sure that preferences can only be reset after uninstalling, the only explanation I see is that the previous version was installed after uninstalling and never used (otherwise, I
  4. Hello For the first time since I use Ccleaner free (several years), preferences were changed when switching to the new version (v5.74.8198 (64-bit)), without warning. I lost the browsing history of all my browsers !!! When checking for the problem, I realized that most of the preference boxes were checked, whereas the previous choices were usually kept. I'm furious! Regards
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