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  1. All depends on you use. For most Cramming all your files into a pile on your OS disk will increase fragmentation quickly and things like log files cannot grow as is, and fill quickly fragment. However, if your Adding to your drive LARGE files, then have big continuous free disk is good to not fragment them. Also if your doing things like Partition/Filesystem, or even Virtual Disc Re-Sizing, then u will want all your data crammed into one pile as tight as possible
  2. Since Advance -> Defrag Freespace (frag or no Frag) almost never works, even with only 9% disk used. I Would like to see a sliding compact Feature under Advanced. It very simple, Data is slid to the beginning of the disk. From the Start of disk, if a Empty Block is found the next block that has data is moved to that spot. Then move on the the next block Worst/Most common case ALL data is moved, but only once. And all the Data is RELIABLY compacted to the start of disk.
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