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  1. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your input. It just that I thought it was obvious that I would try to publish it to internet with an internet connection... No I haven't try it. And I'd like to resolve this issue with a free version before I think about the paid one...
  2. "However the fact that there is "no internet connection" on "most of these workstations" may also be telling here.Publishing from Speccy sends a file to the Piriform servers, so needs an internet connection." I suppose any idiot can run a business, but I assure you I am not that stupid! The issue I have is with a machine that DOES have an internet connection as I am communicating with you now...
  3. We have 20 stations and no IT department as we are Just a small production company. And most of these works stations have no internet connection. And no, the Pro Windows is not better for us. Tiny Wall never had a similar issue before with any other program, and it is there so that we never have to face an update any of our software. (Unless we intend to do so)
  4. The mewssage was very simple as I stated in my first post: "The HTTP request must be confirmed by the user" I'm not totally sure about your follow up request though... So please let me know...
  5. Thank you for responding... I thought by putting the error message out there it would bring some answers. Wrongfully assuming that it might be somewhat a common issue... Win 10 Enterprise, No antivirus, Free version 1.32.774 I do have Tinywall installed, however, I have given all the permissions for the app to connect. Tinywall lists all the blocked apps, so unless there is a hidden executive part in the process that I am missing I don't know how that would be a problem... Do you mean the screen shot of the error message?
  6. I get this when I try to publish... "The HTTP request must be confirmed by the user"
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