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  1. Hi, FYI: I am using the AMD/DataRAM product you can find here: http://www.radeonramdisk.com/software_4.0.php For home (non-commercial) use, it allows a 4Gb ram-disk with full persistence and backup. As my \Users directory is just under 2Gb, it is perfect for me. While I have a good (fully tested) backup regime that includes recovering and restoring from a bootable USB stick, I just don't trust SSD drives. It has taken me quite a while to craft Win10 to be what I want, and I know that the SSD has the potential to be a nightmare when things start to go flakey, so I prefer to
  2. Hi nukecad, Sorry that it has take a little longer to get back to you. I didn't get to retry anything last weekend. I can now confirm that the issue is solely related to having my \Users directory on a RAMdrive with a Junction in the C:\Users I confirmed this by doing the following: To move or copy \users, you need to have a second Administrator user on the machine. You need to be logged in as the second Admin user to copy the primary user \User sub-directory to the RAM drive and create the junction with mklink /J "C:\Users\Username" "T:\Users\Usern
  3. Hi nukecad, Thanks for your input and insight. As this is my personal machine and I've got a hectic week, I won't get to follow-up until the weekend. This machine is actually a new build, as I only migrated to Win10 around May/June with all new hardware. I will follow-up with the post you suggested on the weekend, and I've got a few thoughts as to how I can confirm or otherwise the redirect of my \User folder, but as I'm sure you can appreciate, that isn't a 5 minute thing and as I've finally got Win10 setup "just right", I couldn't cope with loosing it all now (even though I do
  4. Hi, I can't recall ever installing a pro version, unless it was part of a previous installation where CCleaner automatically installed as Pro for a certain period. Can't recall if I restarted or shutdown previously. However, I did "restart" after uninstalling, then installed the downloaded "slim" version from your link. Same result. Tried to start it a few times with the various debug switched /debug, /debug1 ...>... /debug5 During one attempt (I think it was one of a few /debug5 attempts), it did show something different: My AntiVirus is BitDefender Total Secur
  5. Hi, Downloaded and installed the latest (free) version of CCleaner from your website (today = 28-Aug-20) Program installed fine. It won't start. Retried with /debug switch and got the following: [07:09:02::291][INFO ] CCleaner v5.70.7909 (64-bit) [07:09:02::291][INFO ] Windows 10 Pro 64-bit [07:09:02::291][INFO ] Intel Core i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz [07:09:02::291][INFO ] 64.0GB RAM [07:09:02::291][INFO ] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti [07:09:02::291][INFO ] Username: MyUserNameHere [07:09:02::291][INFO ] Application Started [07:09:02::427][DEBUG] Licence file C:\Program Files\CCleane
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