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  1. Just an update. I was finally contacted, via email, by '2nd Line Support'. The individual seemed to be quite pleasant, apologized for the trouble I was having and mentioned, I quote: "We are aware of several issues affecting CCleaner for Mac. I'm pleased to let you know that we've been working on a long-overdue and major update to our Mac product. This will address these compatibility issues along with many other improvements. Whilst the team has been focused on this overhaul it has meant that it has taken longer to address some bugs than we would have liked. " I can't disagree with
  2. Thanks for the reply and the lesson on Whisky/whiskey. Not sure of the etymology for our spelling of whiskey, but thought you might find this interesting: American whiskey comes in many forms. Bourbon, the most recognized type of American whiskey, can be produced only in the United States, but—contrary to popular belief—does not have to be produced in Kentucky, though most of it is. Tennessee whiskey, however, must be made in Tennessee. Rye whiskey, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily have to be made in the United States; it’s also widely produced in Canada (see Instant Exper
  3. @nukecad Well, unfortunately, reaching out to Piriform seems to have been an exercise in futility. I sent the email on February 3, got a response from Level 1 support on February 5 saying they were sorry I was having issues and were escalating it to '2nd line support' support. After that, bupkis. Frustration continues. Sigh. I'm thinking I need to borrow some of your whisky (or 'whiskey', as us Yanks spell). LOL...
  4. I'll give that a shot and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I'm running Mac OS version 1o.15.7 with CCLeaner version 1.18.30. I've been experiencing these errors/situations for quite a while and have finally gotten frustrated enough to say something here in the hope it will be fixed. As I write, the not unusual situations are: 1) I started the program to do a clean over 6 hours ago and while activity monitor does not show the program 'not responding' (and every so often the CPU does 'something' for the app), it has remained at 0% completion for that time. 2) The CCleanerHelper app is 'not responding' after I clicked on it in the status bar
  6. For others who come across this post, you need to: 1) Open terminal 2) Sudo in as your current user - assuming you have admin rights ( 'sudo <username>', then enter your password). 3) If you are working specifically with the CCleaner app, run the command 'xattr -d -r com.apple.quarantine /Applications/ccleaner.app' (This should delete (-d) the com.apple.quarantine atribute recursively (-r) from the file specified - and in all actuality, unless you are doing this on an enitre folder rather than an individual file. the -r may not be required, but it doesn't hurt.)
  7. No worries - I am impressed you were able to even find the article. I did quite a bit of searching on my own and I got no hits on my particular issue at all. So, as you said, at least it worked... Odd error, regardless. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks, nukecad... That worked, but FWIW, the referred article is very poorly written and is most certainly not written for novice or semi-novice users.
  9. I downloaded from ccleaner.com and I'm runing MacOS Catalina 10.15.6. To anticipate a follow-on quesiton - the last time I attempted a downlaod and install was right before I posted this reply. I've attached a screenshot of the error being received.
  10. When trying to install the latest version of CCleaner for MAC, I get an error message stating the app is damaged and it should be moved to trash. It will not complete the install. I have tried to download/re-download and install the file over the course of several days, with the same result. Any ideas?
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