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  1. Stopped it this morning. Checked and all the images are there so now just copying to a ssd, and this hard drive is relegated to the drawer. Thanks for your interesting advice
  2. Hi, I don't have system restore on. It all is a new build. I backup all of my drives on a daily or weekly basis depending on the content. Now been 4 days. Suddenly last night after staying on 1 minute to go the time jumped to 11hours 15 minutes. At the moment it has dropped to10 hours 15 minutes There are only14 fragmented files left and 1% fragmentation, so since this pc is not being used for anything in particular at the moment I will let it run. The files on this hard drive are all image files of between 450 and 700 MB so maybe that is why it is taking so much time. Fortunately it is s
  3. HI, It is now the 3rd day and about 14 hours into remaining time :1minute. The process is still proceeding. Now only 20 files fragmented out of 242 and showing 2% fragmentation as opposed to 22% when I started. Hopefully will be completed by the morning. I cannot say what make the drive is because it is in my pc working away, but it is most likely a Seagate Barracuda (labelled as such)
  4. Lack of speed or will it finish before lockdown ends. My pc has a threadripper processor and 32GB ram. 1.81TB hard drive. 460GB occupied. Very slow in copying data from it in Acronis so I decided to defrag it. It had 22% fragmentation. When it started I was surprised by the tiny indicator which said the time would be over a day. So after 2 days it suddenly showed 23hrs and then over the next 6 hours quickly dropped to a minute. It has been stuck there for about 6 hours now. I can see it doing something. The blue dots are in a long line now and the pink dots are having data read and
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